Amara full face mask

When it's right, it just clicks


Benefits for patients

  • Simplicity - Amara is lighter weight and has 60% fewer parts than the leading full face mask
  • Appeal - Gel and silicone cushions offer patients the ability to choose their comfort preference
  • Performance - Our best sealing and most comfortable traditional full face mask

Benefits for sleep labs

  • Simplicity - Both gel and silicone options have four interchangeable sizes that fit over 95% of faces
  • Appeal - Both gel and silicone cushions can endure all approved disinfection options*
  • Performance - Intuitive fitting adjustment for clinician and patient

Benefits for homecare providers

  • Simplicity - Amara is the only convertible solution that easily expands patient options with silicone and gel
  • Appeal - Most appealing among leading traditional full face masks on the market
  • Performance - Four different sizes fit over 95% of faces

* Please see the Disinfection Guide (part #1061850) for Professional Use only for the list of approved cleaning and disinfection processes for Amara.

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