Phase 2: Automate

Automated resupply

Manage your resupply business the easier way

MedSage EncoreResupply

The ANSWER transforms the resupply process, reducing the work burden placed on your staff and improving contact rates. In turn, resupply opportunities are increased, as compared with manual resupply processes alone.

Automated resupply with Philips medSage or EncoreResupply:

  • Tracks patients who may be eligible for resupply
  • Monitors patient needs and helps patients initiate resupply orders
  • Achieves a greater percentage of contacts versus manual resupply efforts by using phone, email, and text messages at strategically opportune times
  • Supports higher compliance by keeping equipment up-to-date and operating properly
  • Increases the likelihood of reorders by supporting patient compliance/eligibility for resupply

Like EncoreAnywhere and SleepMapper, The ANSWER’s automated resupply process has a proven track record. One million patients have enrolled since 2003 with Philips medSage alone

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